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Apple Bottom Boutique

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Look Great, Feel Amazing!

Apple Bottom Boutique is a home-based business specializing in all-natural, organic sugar hair removal. Offering both men's and women's hair removal services, Apple Bottom Boutique is the place to go for all of your hair removal needs!


Jennifer is a sugarist as well as a nurse. In her fifteen plus years as a nurse in the surgical recovery and gynaecologist-oncologist departments at the Cross Cancer Institute, she brings the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. She carries these traits into her sugaring business to offer her clients the best possible service and results.  Jennifer specializes in men's hair removal. 


The sugaring products are all-natural and she is committed to giving her clients the best care for their skin. She has an extensive selection of services to choose from so you can get exactly what you need.

Sugaring vs Waxing 

Sugaring is all-natural. The sugar is made up of lemon, water and sugar and this technique has been around since 1900bc. 

It is applied to the skin, against the direction of the growth. This prevents hair shaft breaking, resulting in less ingrown and less discomfort. 

The sugar is a natural exfoliant and applied to the skin at room temperature, negating the risk of burns and trauma. Sugar is water-soluble and will only adhere to the dead skin cells leaving your body supple and soft. The sugar container is a sterile environment preventing bacteria from breeding. 

Waxing uses chemicals such as petroleum, paraffin and preservatives. These resins and preservatives are not water-soluble and will adhere to both live and dead skin cells, resulting in redness, irritation and occasional skin burns. 

Wax is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth and removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth, resulting in breakage leading to ingrown hair and trauma to the follicle. Wax is heated at a high degree in order for the wax to be liquified resulting in risk of burns as well as making it more difficult and painful for removal. Wax also has the ability for bacteria to breed inside the tub. 





French Bikini


Full Arm
Lower Arm
Under Arm



Half leg

Full leg


Men's Bro-zilian

French Bro-zilian











I just got a Brazilian last night and it was my first sugaring experience. 

Jenn was so gentle and made me feel very comfortable. SHe has a very strong attention to detail and got every last hair! I will never get waxed again or go to anyone else! I absolutely love it!! And so does my husband.

Jennifer did a great job! Her space is warm and inviting. I would recommend her services. 

I saw Jen for the first time this weekend. She was really accommodating and made me feel at ease.  I appreciated her attention to hygiene, and her attention to detail. I also loved that she  sent me home with a little freebie exfoliating bar. The environment that she works in is also really calming. Definitly recommend.

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